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"The territories of sustainability" by Cattolica Assicurazioni
16 May 2019

As communicated in the Consolidated Non-Financial Declaration (DNF) Cattolica’s thriving relationship with sustainability guides dialogues with stakeholders and inspires the Company's way of doing business. During her speech at the eleventh stage of the Giro d'Italia del Salone della CSR e dell'Innovazione Sociale (Tour of Italy as part of the Exhibition on Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation), Emanuela Vecchiet, Cattolica's Director of Communications and Institutional Relations, illustrated the Group's philosophy towards sustainability. Since becoming a cooperative business, Cattolica's "intrinsic vocation" has been closely intertwined with sustainability; the cooperative structure and the values of the Group, which are borrowed from the Social Doctrine of the Church are, for Cattolica, distinctive elements in understanding the relationship with the country and its communities.

In order to achieve genuine CSR, the Group has set up an "integrated" structure that has seen the establishment of an Internal Board Committee for Corporate Governance and Sustainability, which actively involves various internal bodies in the decision-making and operational processes of the company. Truly sustainable companies are profitable and capable of generating value in the long term. This reinforces the Company's focus on sustainability and, for the first time, a proportion of the variable remuneration of certain members of top management - including the Managing Director - is directly linked to the achievement of objectives focused on corporate social responsibility.