The Cattolica Assicurazioni app is here: digital identikit and smart payments

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  • The Cattolica Assicurazioni app is here: digital identikit and smart payments
The Cattolica Assicurazioni app is here: digital identikit and smart payments
28 February 2019 - Time: 10:46

With the new App, the company is aiming to reach new target audiences, from millennials to hybrid users. The device will enable customers to access the Cattolica services in a multi-channel mode, strengthening the relationship with the Agent


Verona, 28 February 2019. Cattolica Assicurazioni launches its first mobile application to offer customers a digital services platform integrated with the Agency and Company. The Cattolica App differs from other mobile tools currently available on the insurance market, with customised navigation based on the characteristics of the customer who, when logging in for the first time, can build their own digital "identikit" by providing information about work and family, lifestyle habits and personal interests. The data collected will be used to create customised offers. The service can also be used to renew, using a credit card, any Auto and Non-Auto Insurance policy, and facilitates collaboration with the customer's Agency of reference (e.g. in relation to quotations, proposals and support requests). The App's launch is part of the objective the Company seeks to achieve during the 2018-2020 Business Plan, including command over the digital world as a leverage to maintain its high competitiveness in the sector. The new tool, available free on the App Store and Google Play, allows users multi-channel access - which to date also includes websites and social media - to a range of structured services for digital channels.

The new App offers customers a series of advantages linked to the many features of the device: thanks to an artificial intelligence engine, the App can analyse the insurance requirements of each user, who can sign up and manage their digital identity, completing "self-service" activities at any time of day. Once registered, customers will have access to information about their policies and can file a claim for Auto and Property Insurance policies, monitoring the management status of the case with the possibility to upload documents. They will also have immediate access to all assistance services provided by the policies and the chance to renew via electronic payment and entirely digital processes. The application's notification centre will notify customers of any changes to the status of their case or upcoming expiries via reminders and alerts, allowing them to remain in continuous contact with their Agency through a messaging and document exchange service. Lastly, they will have access to quick quotation services for the main Non-Life and Life products, with the possibility of contacting or asking their intermediary for advice.

"As announced during the presentation of the Group's 2018-2020 Business Plan, the Cattolica App has been designed as a point of contact between customers and agents using an integrated multi-channel model, with the objective of improving customer experience and making the Agency even more accessible", said Carlo Ferraresi, General Director of Cattolica Assicurazioni. "The new App also aims to attract new target audiences such as millennials, who are accustomed to the mobile experience, and hybrid customers, who use both physical and digital channels. The service has been designed in harmony with the Company's new image: a firm changing drastically towards a more innovative and agile model that is ready for future market challenges, which will see digital services and products become key players in the insurance sector, where 70% of consumers already prefer hybrid on-line and off-line interaction models".