Assignment of Corporate Office

Assignment of Corporate Office
08 May 2013

Verona, 8 May 2013

Today, the Board of Directors of Cattolica Assicurazioni assigned the corporate offices to the directors elected by the Shareholders' Meeting of 20 April 2013.

Paolo Garonna was appointed as Acting Deputy Chairman, Enrico Mario Ambrosetti was appointed as Deputy Chairman and Aldo Poli was appointed as Board Secretary. Barbara Blasevich and Pilade Riello were appointed as Members of the Executive Committee. Moreover, during the same meeting, the Board of Directors resolved the non-application of the independence requirement contemplated by the application principle 3.C.1 e) of the Code of Conduct, in accordance with the recognised need to privilege an evaluation in substance.

As a result, the Director Baraggia, previously qualified on this base as nonindependent, is qualified as independent pursuant to the Code, since there are no further circumstances that may affect its independence profile.