Product campaign set to launch for Cattolica Active Casa&Persona

Product campaign set to launch for Cattolica Active Casa&Persona
19 February 2020 - Time: 12:44

Coming to major media starting today – with an eye to the environment

Verona, 19 February 2020. The new Cattolica Assicurazioni communications campaign dedicated to the product Active Casa&Persona is launching today. The campaign will be coming to all major national media, with a concept created in collaboration with the creative agency Utopia and a media plan handled by Vizeum, a member of the Dentsu Aegis Network group, encompassing TV, radio, print, billboards, cinema, social media and the Web.

After last year’s brand campaign, the Company decided to focus on its product devoted to Italians’ various lifestyles and protection needs, with an emphasis on people and their wellbeing, based on the premise that a home, with everything it contains, must be a safe place for those who live in it. Like the insurance offering, the advertising strategy has also been calibrated to the lifestyles of the various customer segments: metropolitan, digital, dynamic and provident. As the claim goes, “Every home is different, because it is made by those who live in it.”

Homes are the focus of the concept of these new spots: rooms that tell the story of people’s daily lives, passions and dreams, letting the viewer’s imagination and empathy do the rest. A theme shared with last year's campaign, which allows Cattolica to strengthen its position as a Group that helps people meet their needs at all stages of their lives. The story is built on four creative concepts, set in four different locations: an elderly couple’s home rife with memories, a Millennial's high-tech, futuristic dwelling, a young family's apartment bursting with vitality and the multi-culturalism of a woman who loves travelling.

As a company that has always been attentive to environmental sustainability and the needs of its local community, Cattolica once again reaffirms its values through a campaign that contributes to improving the air we breathe. Yesterday, the Porta Nuova monument in Verona – standing at one of the major gateways to the city – was revealed to the nation covered with three eco-friendly large-scale billboards devoted to the Active Casa&Persona product. The billboards, created with Airlite technology, can eliminate pollutants by turning them into inert substances in a completely natural way, harnessing the energy in sunlight. According to estimates, a billboard installation like this one, treated with Airlite paint, is capable of eliminating more than 100 kg of NOx (nitrogen oxide) from the atmosphere.

The Marketing Director of the Cattolica Assicurazioni Group, Francesco Minelli, commented: “Cattolica’s distinctive identity is further strengthened by this new communications campaign that we are inaugurating today, offering a different vision from traditional insurance. Always attentive to people’s needs and wants, Cattolica ensures protection for all lifestyles through its Active Casa&Persona product. I am proud to note that we are the first insurance company in Italy to have launched a campaign that contributes to improving the quality of the environment.