The new Cattolica Assicurazioni portal is online

The new Cattolica Assicurazioni portal is online
29 January 2018 - Time: 15:49

The Company's portal has undergone a restyling, choosing a new way to communicate that is flexible, userfriendly, focussed on customer needs, clear, and immediate.

Milan, 29 January 2018

Building on solid foundations and turning Cattolica into a more innovative, smart, and future-ready organisation. The Cattolica Assicurazioni Group objectives have gone digital with the launch of the new portal.

The site meets the need to communicate the wealth of the Cattolica world in a simple and intuitive way, with the fullest and most up-to-date information. It is structured as a single portal and two different homepages – one customer-oriented and the other corporate – to benefit greater transparency, simple browsing, and ease of searching content. The Customer and Corporate homepages are identically built for coherency of visual identity and uniformity, thereby allowing easy recognition and the same browsing methods.


Built to meet customers’ needs, the homepage allows users to find all the information on offers and products, in addition to Cattolica agencies in the region. It is an entirely renovated web storefront integrated with the Company's social media channels. It can respond efficiently to users’ demands and needs, facilitating customer journey and encouraging a visit to an Agency.

In particular, the site is divided into the following sections:

  • Fast Quote: receive a quick quotation on your car, inserting the number plate and your date of birth only
  • Cattolica in Banca: a new section dedicated to bancassurance that includes the Company’s offers through the banking channel
  • Cattolica in One Click: a section that contains all the Company’s physical touchpoints (agencies, clinics and contracted garages)
  • A section for “innovative” topics with a central body dedicated to competitions, technology news, and current initiatives
  • New Home Insurance, with unique access for both Non-Life and Welfare customers


The homepage is designed as a rich source of information and news about the Company. The slider shows the most current and important content through themed videos, Senior Management interviews, and news of financial interest. The Governance, Investor Relations and Media areas have undergone a thorough structural and textual restyling to offer full information with a simpler language.

Corporate Governance and Investor Relations provide all information required by law and are useful for outlining financial and governance operations, but with improved accessibility and a greater wealth of explanatory content.

The Media section has been revamped with new pages with media kits, news, and interviews to complete the Company’s range of information.

Additional sections have also been created, such as the News area, which provides a selection of news on Cattolica life.

Two specific banners directly link to the two Observatories – dedicated to Religious and Non-Profit Organisations and the Agri-food world – that Cattolica felt were required in order to thoroughly study and monitor these two relevant and strategic fields. Distinguished specialists enrich the two sites with profoundly technical and informative content.

Last but not least is the Work With Us page. Simple and inviting, users can search for positions and send spontaneous applications.

The technology is responsive and makes for an optimum browsing experience from any device: PC, tablet, smartphone. Similarly, thanks to the best SEO techniques, the portal is designed and optimised for search engines.

All the portal’s best new features are also shown in a video at

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