Cattolica Previdenza financial education success

Cattolica Previdenza financial education success
19 September 2012

CEO, Michele Cristiano: “We are proud of this recognition”. Cattolica Previdenza is the first company in the world to achieve it.  

Verona, 19 September 2012. Through its distribution company, Cattolica Previdenza earns a certification in financial education in accordance with UNI 11402 regulations. This is an important recognition which concerns the entire Cattolica Previdenza distribution network (CP Servizi Consulenziali) and on a larger scale, each of its individual advisers. These regulations define the financial education process in the three essential forms, prescribed at a European level: information, education and consultation. These forms further specify the qualifying regulations for those providing the education (individual consultants, distributive networks and training schools) and the requirements for the management, supervisory and control systems of the organisation.

“This is an important recognition”, stated the CEO of Cattolica Presidenza, Michele Cristiano, “which confirms the quality of our consultancy model and allows us to operate at the highest professional level.” Cattolica Previdenza was founded in 2009 with the aim of creating a network of professionals to guide and advise clients who choose to plan their social security future with Cattolica. It is the leading company of the Cattolica Assicurazioni Group in the social security sector.