Press Release

Press Release
27 July 2020 - Time: 18:50

Verona, 27 July 2020. With regard to the communication from CasaCattolica, we attach the petition submitted to Consob, which is reported in full here. It should also be noted that, in accordance with the current laws related to the Covid crisis, Computershare is the designated representative for all shareholders and there is no ballot other than the collection of votes and the relevant communication at the Shareholders’ Meeting. The Group also reiterates that it has always complied with all of the Authority's recommendations.

To the
Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (Italian Companies and Stock Exchange Commission)
Verona, 27 July 2020
Please find attached a press release issued a short time ago by the “so-called” CasaCattolica, which contains not one but a series of statements and inferences that are entirely without foundation and which, more importantly, could adversely affect the proper conduct of the proceedings of the Shareholders’ Meeting and the results of the Meeting of 31 July last. We have already reported this anomalous situation on several occasions as well as the need to make CasaCattolica’s promoters accountable, or, at the very least, to identify them in order to ensure the maximum linearity and transparency of the voting in progress. The undersigned Company reserves the right to make its own public statement regarding this misinformation, which is prejudicial to the Company and to all of Cattolica’s shareholders. Of course, we remain at the disposal of this Supervisory Body and, above all, we await your initiatives.