Cattolica Agents and Subagents National Convention

Cattolica Agents and Subagents National Convention
18 February 2020 - Time: 14:09

Over 2,150 Agents and sub-Agents from 846 Agents gathered at the Cattolica Center in Verona. The theme of the day: “Roots, the next chapter in our story”

Verona, 18 February 2020. The first Cattolica Assicurazioni Agents and Subagents National Convention is now under way at the Cattolica Center in Verona. On stage at the event, before an audience of over 1,150 Agents and 1,000 sub-agents representing 846 Agencies throughout Italy, were Chairman Paolo Bedoni, General Manager Carlo Ferraresi and Co-General Manager Valter Trevisani, who met with the network and focused on the goals for 2020.

The General Manager emphasised the evolution of the Agency channel, which in the first two years of the Business Plan has become stronger, with larger average portfolios and an improved capacity to generate profitable business. The Company’s investment in training, of which the Professional Agent master's degree programme is a hallmark, has resulted in more competent, digital Agents, with benefits for the Company and its customers. “Cattolica and its Agency network have a sort of symbiotic relationship with one another,” commented General Manager Carlo Ferraresi. “Our Agents are the backbone of our distribution network, and we will only be successful if our network is able to serve our customers comprehensively. Our Agents, sub-Agents and employees know that they have an additional responsibility – placing people at the heart of what we do. This ability to see the business in ethical terms is one of things that sets our offerings apart and evokes the deep meaning of working for a company named Cattolica.”

Commercial Director Marco Lamola, interviewed during the proceedings, commented: “For Cattolica and our Agents, this is an important day, perhaps even an historic day: here in Verona we have brought together the over 1,150 Agents who represent us in the community with competence, professionalism and that humanity that we regard as our hallmark. As a sign of how much we believe in our Agency network and the Agency organisation, we have also decided to invite one thousand of our Agents’ selected contractors. Together we will discuss goals, tools and actions, but above all we will build awareness that Cattolica relies on its Agents, who need to be increasingly strong, energetic and prepared. As customers’ needs change, they need to speak with competent, passionate professionals ready to work with them over their whole lives. This is what are our Agents do, and we seek to help them do it well.”