Summoning of Shareholders' Meeting and Director's cooptation

Summoning of Shareholders' Meeting and Director's cooptation
07 November 2012

Verona, November 7th, 2012

The Board of Directors of Cattolica Assicurazioni, which met today under the chairmanship of Paolo Bedoni, has resolved to summon the Shareholders’ Meeting, in ordinary and extraordinary sessions, on 14 and 15 December 2012, respectively, on first and second call.

At the ordinary session registered shareholders will be called upon to appoint 5 Directors, pursuant to art. 2386 of the Civil code and art. 33 of the By-laws.

At the extraordinary session registered shareholders will be called upon to approve amendments to the By-Laws articles n. 27, 30, 33, 35, 36, 40, 43, 44, 54. Such proposals of amendment are due to the need of updating the corporate governance system and to the need of introducing certain adjustments in order to comply to new regulations. Among other interventions, an amendment to the existing system of renewal of the Board of Directors is being proposed, with the intent of adopting a system of simultaneous general election every three years, in line with the policy prevalent among listed companies.


Today the Board of Directors of Cattolica Assicurazioni has co-opted Luigi Mion as new Director. Luigi Mion, who lives in Verona, has been co-opted to replace Alessandro Bandini, who resigned on July 20th, 2012 in view of the provisions pursuant to Article 36 of Italian Law 214/2011 and the related interpretative criteria jointly formulated by the Bank of Italy, CONSOB and ISVAP. Director Luigi Mion, non-executive, in accordance with the opinion of the Board of Directors, has defined himself as independent pursuant to the Code of conduct. Luigi Mion is one of the founders of Migross Group that operates in the distribution sector. Within the Migross Group he plays different roles including Managing Director of Migross S.p.A. and of MIG Restaurant, and Chairman of Mion Immobiliare. He has also been a Director of ABC, a subsidiary of Cattolica Assicurazioni, since 2010.