Divertiamoci a Teatro: Cattolica supports a “rose-tinted” edition

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Divertiamoci a Teatro: Cattolica supports a “rose-tinted” edition
11 September 2019
Divertiamoci a Teatro: Cattolica supports a “rose-tinted” edition

Lella Costa, Anna Foglietta, Nancy Brilli, Veronica Pivetti, Debora Villa. These names are only some of the many names featured on the 2019-2020 calendar for Divertiamoci a Teatro. In fact, the 22nd season of the event promoted by the Teatro Stabile in Verona, with support from Cattolica Assicurazioni, was announced during a press conference, which unveiled a playbill showcasing the large number of female performers. The festival includes eight subscription shows and four non-subscription shows across 37 evenings, which, between 12 November and 3 April, will feature a diverse offering of culture. From the classic comedy of the misunderstandings in Bella figura to the irony of the male gender targeted by A cosa servono gli uomini. From the protagonists’ relationships with food and men in Belle ripiene to the English black humour of Regole per vivere. From the tried-and-true Lopez-Solenghi duo to the playful costumes of Alle 5 da me. Cinema adaptations will also be featured, with Victor and Victoria and Persons Unknown. The “non-subscription” section also has much to offer, with the musical Grease, the comedy Le cognate and the latest shows by Lella Costa and Debora Villa.

“Cattolica Assicurazioni’s fruitful relationship with the Teatro Nuovo in Verona is kept alive by the company’s desire to renew its commitment to the Veronese cultural organisation for the 2019-2020 season of Divertiamoci a Teatro”, said Emanuela Vecchiet, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations for Cattolica Assicurazioni, from the sidelines of the meeting. “One of the city’s most followed and appreciated theatre events returns, bringing to the stage an interesting and diversified offering, alternating the original pieces and grand classics of this art, including monologues and musicals, as well as commedia d’autore. The upcoming 22nd edition stands out for the decision to target quality Italian talent, through a bill of shows involving famous names and faces and from Italian cinema: professional actors, directors and screenwriters who, we are sure, will successfully attract the interest of the Veronese public this year once more”.