Director Trevisani at the Il Sole 24 ore Insurance Summit

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Director Trevisani at the Il Sole 24 ore Insurance Summit
19 November 2019
Director Trevisani at the Il Sole 24 ore Insurance Summit

The future of insurance between new risk costs and digital scenarios: this is the theme of the 2019 Insurance Summit, the meeting organised every year by Il Sole 24 ore which gathers the leading experts of the Italian insurance industry.

The General Manager of Cattolica Assicurazioni, Valter Trevisani, attended and participated in the round table dedicated to customer centricity and insurtech. At the centre of the debate was the change in the distribution of the insurance product through the new channels.

For Cattolica Assicurazioni the recipe is that of the three Ps: smart processes, personalisation, proactivity - explained the General Manager - We are faced with a clientèle that is increasingly better informed and demanding. The younger segments, with less financial availability are also those who, by virtue of the greater awareness of the technologies, are pushing for an efficient, effective, personalised and 24/7 customer experience.

Today’s customer wants simple, clear solutions: this is why we are working more and more on modular proposals and on an empathetic approach with the customer which addresses a real 360° view of their needs, also thanks to data analytics”.

Someone stated that insurtech has until now acted as a defibrillator applied to the heart of the insurance industry - Trevisani then added by explaining how the Cattolica business plan is combined with insurtech, in other words with the system of technologies developed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the traditional insurance models. “The Cattolica Business Plan is our answer to a rapidly evolving scenario, in which the logics of the ecosystem are progressively being affirmed and through which the insurance industry is passing quickly from the classic damage/compensation paradigm to the new prevention/protection approach. At this level the agency network remains a primary competitive asset, destined to become stronger thanks to digitisation. Let’s not forget that in the Italian market the most consistent segment of customers is the so-called ROPO: research on line/purchase off line. Digitisation in distribution is fundamental for creating strategies based on customer centricity. Thanks to digitisation in fact, the brokers can reduce the time devoted to fulfilling the administrative duties and dedicate themselves to the relationship with the customers (if until a short time ago 60% of the time was absorbed by the back office and 40% of the activity was sales and after-sales, now the balance has been reversed). However, digitisation is only the first phase of a process that must innovate the relationship with the clientèle through an increasingly sophisticated use of data and data analytics in CRM logic. At Cattolica, we are moving in this direction through the creation of a “data driven” project which intends to converge onto a single platform all the information relative to out customers to improve both the sales and the support practices, with significant benefits also on the up-selling and cross-selling front."