Cattolica Assicurazioni Group main sponsor of the Labirinto D’Acque 2018 Festival

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Cattolica Assicurazioni Group main sponsor of the Labirinto D’Acque 2018 Festival
22 March 2018 - Time: 17:23

In Fontanellato (Parma) from 21 to 24 March, important figures from the political, economic, scientific and sporting worlds will be called upon to discuss the concept of water and its related world-reaching issues, starting from environmental sustainability.

Verona, 21-24 March 2018. Cattolica Assicurazioni is supporting the first edition of Labirinto d’Acque 2018, the event devised and organised by editor and designer Franco Maria Ricci and under the patronage of the President of Italy and the European Parliament. Hosted in the spellbinding setting of the Labirinto della Masone in Fontanellato (Parma) from 21 to 24 March, the festival is the first wide-reaching national event dedicated to water in all its shifting forms and infinite uses. An event promoted to “think water” on both a planetary and local level that invites the general public to reflect on the element’s importance in an age in which the ecosystem is affected by irreversible processes such as climate change and global warming, which will have a serious impact upon our future. Mankind's relationship with water is central to the four days of debate promoted by Labirinto d’Acque. In a wide-ranging investigation that places particular emphasis on the enormous challenge of environmental sustainability, it is a focus with various implications for Cattolica Assicurazioni. One need only think of the use of water resources for agri-food purposes, or the risk factors related to climate change. These were the justifications that drove the Insurance Group to support – as the main sponsor – an event that will see illustrious figures take to the stage to speak about any and everything related to the larger issue of water. Guests include scientists, scientific communicators and institutional personalities, such as the Director of Media and Technology of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Karl Burkart, British director Peter Greenaway, astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, and world swimming champion Federica Pellegrini.

There are many reasons that connect Cattolica with water, starting from its multiple symbolic values,” underlined Chairperson of Cattolica Assicurazioni, Paolo Bedoni. “Water is an essential material for mankind's existence from both a biological and intellectual standpoint: it is nourishment for the body, and through values it invokes such as honesty and transparency, for the ethical sphere, too. But water and life go beyond ideological reasoning, finding substance in an all-too real fact. In the world of today, more than one billion people – for the most part concentrated in developing countries – are forced to use contaminated water for themselves, their activities, and the environment they live in. The lack of a basic need such as the possibility of using clean water is not only a terrible cost in terms of human life – it also has significant repercussions on a society’s economy, on a nation’s healthcare and business sectors in particular. This is why water means life in the sense of social and economic progress. And why, starting with the western world, we are all called upon to acknowledge the fact that the resources on our planet are not infinite. Learning to take only what is necessary so that those far away and those who come after us might also reap the benefits. That is the first step in starting to face the greatest challenge before us: reaching equality between people, populations, and communities.

One cannot imagine life on planet Earth without water, because we need water to maintain our ecosystem and our biodiversity,” added Chief Executive Officer Alberto Minali during the festival's opening event. “The theory that water is the founding principle of all things dates right back to the birth of philosophical thought. Springs and water reserves have always been the cornerstones of civilisation. It is no coincidence that the ancient civilisations from whom we descend developed around rivers and seas, as these allowed for the birth of social, political, and economic life. In the encyclical ‘Laudato sii’, Pope Francis reiterated that the quality and quantity of water we use are major issues for our planet. We must listen to the alarm bells that nature is sending us: glaciers are melting, water ways are drying out, and the soil is subject to impoverishment and desertification. We are ignoring the signs without understanding the extent of the changes. It is time for modern nations to cooperate in order to pave the way for change and promote socially responsible behaviours. In this context, insurance companies can play a fundamental social role, guaranteeing suitable protection in accordance with change. In the past few years, the insurance sector has developed tools that cover the risk of weather events. To date, 70% of water consumption is attributed to agriculture. To this effect, Cattolica Assicurazioni has promoted the implementation of technologies designed to optimise water use in agriculture at its Ca’ Tron estate. Additionally, we have developed a smart App, which, by measuring leaf condition and nitrogen, allows farmers to monitor the quality of their crops in real time. Thanks to the hard work, intelligent and brave decisions, and ability to develop innovative solutions, here at Labirinto d’Acque 2018 we can envision a sustainable future together.

The main purpose of Labirinto d’Acque 2018 is to invite the general public – and young people in general – to reflect on the need to respect and not deplete our planet’s resources. This noble objective imbued with implications that affect all of society led Cattolica Assicurazioni, alongside the University of Parma, to support Franco Maria Ricci and his team in structuring an ambitious programme. Full of scientific and informative events, conferences and seminars, it was designed in partnership with Luca Mercalli, Chairperson of the Italian Meteorological Society and Editor of Nimbus magazine. The event’s full calendar is available at