The Cattolica Group wins “Digital Model Insurer Award” in New York with multi-channel platform Click2go

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  • The Cattolica Group wins “Digital Model Insurer Award” in New York with multi-channel platform Click2go
The Cattolica Group wins “Digital Model Insurer Award” in New York with multi-channel platform Click2go
24 March 2015

The Cattolica Group won the “Digital Model Insurer” prize for its multi-channel platform CLICK2GO ( The award was presented by Celent, a research and strategy company belonging to the Oliver Wyman Group that operates on an international scale in financial institutions, banking and insurance.

The prize-giving took place yesterday (23 March) in New York’s Carnegie Hall on “Innovation & Insight Day”, following a selection from dozens of projects from all over the world. The award is given for innovative excellence in the use of technology for business and has been won in the past by world insurance leaders. The company’s analysts recognised CLICK2GO for its excellent use of technology to the benefit of innovation in the distribution of different insurance channels.

Based on the RGI Group platform, CLICK2GO is the innovative system designed by the Cattolica Group that offers customers multi-channel and multi-device access, from estimation and issuing policies to post-sale management including claims and settlement.

Unlike traditional systems, CLICK2GO does not identify a preferred channel of interaction, which is usually the first one the customer comes into contact with. Instead, at any time of the policy’s lifecycle customers can interact:

  • on-line using a computer;
  • by phoning the call centre;
  • via smartphone using the App;
  • in person at the bank branch or the offices of the intermediary, agent or consultant.

CLICK2GO’s architectural components include a multi-device front-end design based on service-oriented architecture (SOA), a process management system for managing functions and integration with portfolio and accounting systems, a centralised process for managing access, and a multi-channel CRM for managing the customer support service, either directly or through intermediaries and service partners.

“The CLICK2GO platform was developed to allow customers to use their preferred method of communication when interacting with their insurance company. And to be able to change this method at their convenience and depending on their requirements,” commented Carlo Barbera, Vice General Manager of the Cattolica Group and Head of the Bancassurance and Direct Business Unit. “Last February, 8 months after the service began, there were already more than 5,000 new CLICK2GO customers in the Auto product. Meanwhile, we also have a Home product in launch phase.”

“The Digital Insurer Model award recognises the Cattolica Group’s ability to develop customer centrality and to excel in service to distributors, leveraging on technology. Integrated network management through multi-channel distribution models is one of the priorities of the Cattolica Group’s Business Plan”, commented Flavio Piva, General Manager of the Markets and Operations Area of the Cattolica Group. “Being recognised at international level as a leader of innovation fills us with pride and reassures us that we have taken the correct path.”