IVASS approves the corporate changes

IVASS approves the corporate changes
09 September 2020 - Time: 13:52

Verona, 9 September 2020. The Company announces that, today, a provision was sent by the Supervisory Authority IVASS in which the same authority approves the amendments to the Articles of Association adopted by the General Meeting on 31 July 2020. IVASS also approved the text of the Joint Stock Company’s Articles of Association, which will come into force from 1 April 2021. The consequent filing procedure of the Articles of Association and of the resolution of transformation into a Joint Stock Company have also been started today, at the competent offices of the Verona Company Register.

Once the filing of the General Meeting’s resolution for the transformation into a Joint Stock company will be completed, Cattolica will publish the procedures to exercise the right of withdrawal.

Considering the above, the transaction with Generali will then enter its executive phase.