Active Auto is born: protection and prevention in one click with Cattolica Assicurazioni's new Active Box

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  • Active Auto is born: protection and prevention in one click with Cattolica Assicurazioni's new Active Box
Active Auto is born: protection and prevention in one click with Cattolica Assicurazioni's new Active Box
20 April 2018 - Time: 11:07

In line with its 2018-2020 Business Plan, Cattolica continues on its path to innovation, leveraging on data and connectivity in order to build an ecosystem of benefits around its customers.

The new Auto product will be available from 1 May in the Cattolica Group’s agencies as part of the renewed Cattlica&Motori line.

The soundtrack to Cattolica’s promotional campaign was penned by Albert Marzinotto, a rising star in the Italian DJ world, whose track “Need Help?” was composed exclusively for the Group.


Verona, 20 April 2018. Cattolica Assicurazioni aspires to technological innovation to guarantee safety and protection behind the wheel.

On the market from 1 May in the Group's agencies, the new Active Auto product comes with a new latest generation self-installing device named Active Box, which is placed on the car windscreen and connects to the Active App with convenient smartphone access.

A modern, flexible product that can be easily installed by the user, which allows a driver in trouble to receive help in real time, in a simple and efficient way.

Protection, prevention and innovation are at the heart of the new Active Auto product, designed in the main for millennials and users in metropolitan areas. It offers additional advanced services that reward the individual’s driving style in addition to the usual guarantees of liability insurance, fire and theft.

The product was developed during a recent strategic partnership with a primary technological operator specialised in Connected Life services. Protection: Active Auto gives easy and immediate access to 24-hour emergency services and the entire world of assistance services. In the event of a serious accident, the Active Box sensor recognises the impact and alerts the operations centre, which attempts to contact the driver.

If there is no answer, the centre automatically notifies the rescue services, also requesting an ambulance at the scene of the accident. The driver can also activate the sensors directly from the app or from the Active Box: with one click, the customer can contact the operations centre and request a breakdown lorry, or view the closest garages with agreements with Cattolica.

The protection also extends to cases of theft or robbery. Thanks to an innovative device – Active Security – it is possible to guarantee a greater defence and effective help by reporting the vehicle’s geolocation, with a higher chance of finding the stolen car.

Additionally, in order to adapt to Italians’ new forms of mobility, the innovative generation of Cattolica products also includes a free extension to driver accident cover and legal assistance even when using a third-party vehicle when car sharing.

Prevention: the dedicated smartphone application – Active App – allows customers to monitor their driving style thanks to a concise indicator (merit index) given on the basis of a few parameters, including kilometres travelled by road in one year, time of day, observing speed limits, acceleration, and deceleration.

Active Auto also guarantees benefits from the very first year, giving customers a 15% relief on the LI rate. The best drivers receive an additional discount at renewal up to 15%, with a reduced premium compared to what they paid the previous year.

Drivers who also install Active Security receive a reduced theft guarantee rate of 60%, and at the same time, pay nothing for self-insurance. Similarly, drivers with vehicles already equipped with advanced safety systems – such as autonomous emergency braking systems – will enjoy an additional 5% discount.

Active App includes an ecosystem of benefits for the customer. For example, the App can provide information about weather conditions and include warnings for particularly dangerous road points, giving personalised information on travel routes on roads in Italy.

Even the promotional material is innovative: for the Active Auto launch campaign, Cattolica has put its trust in music by DJ talent Albert Marzinotto, winner of the Top Deejay TV Contest 2015 and author of the remix of Jovanotti's “Le Canzoni”. Exclusively for the Group, he created “Need Help?”, a fresh piece of music that will play in the background of three upcoming advertisements.

In line with what the product aims to offer, in its form and content, this marketing strategy aims to meet, the need for a modern and emotional style typical of a younger audience.

Cattolica Active Auto is the latest Cattolica&Motori product. With products entirely renewed in colour and name, C&M is designed to meet the requirements of all kinds of customers in the Auto, Moto, Commercial Vehicle, Agricultural Machinery and Boat (smart or more traditional) segments.