Active Casa&Persona is born: complete protection in a single connected solution

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Active Casa&Persona is born: complete protection in a single connected solution
18 September 2019 - Time: 11:34

Cyber risks,  pets, cyber bullying, income protection, 24h assistance, catastrophic risks, remote surveillance, health. The new product, presented simply and clearly, can adapt to every need and lifestyle

Verona, 18 September 2019. Active Casa&Persona, the new Cattolica insurance solution for Home, Person and Family, which follows the customer during every part of his day, is available in agency. Thanks to the modular set-up of the product, clients can build their own tailor-made policy by activating the guarantees best suited to them and their lifestyle, and achieve complete protection of their person, their family, home and all the assets in it. The offer, developed by analysing and by listening to the customers and their needs, responds to the most diverse requests for protection and has a section dedicated also to the growing cyber risks and to the owners of pets, in particular cats and dogs.

In order to remain close to the customer, the information section of Active Casa&Persona has been written in simple, clear terms to make the terms and conditions immediately understandable. Fluid texts, summary of the useful information and contacts, and an information graph contribute immediately to making it easy to consult.


With Active Casa&Persona the customer, whether owner or tenant, can protect his house against fire, natural disasters, theft as well as benefit from specific and dedicated support with emergency interventions and workmen always available in case of unexpected events.

Thanks to the partnership with IMA Project, leader in the remote surveillance industry, Active Casa&Persona provides the possibility of installing sophisticated and state-of-the-art security systems, available from a smartphone for all the customers who want a house to be protected and monitored, both day and night, even when they are not there. From two remote surveillance centres, specialised operators guarantee the safety of the home managing the alarms remotely and activating, if necessary, a possible on-site first response with security guards or the police, in the event of verified emergency.

To meet specific requirements connected to the peculiarity of our country which is strongly exposed to natural disasters, an important financial protection has also been included when catastrophic events occur such as earthquake, floods and flooding. In addition to indemnifying the damages suffered by the residence and its contents, the guarantee covers necessities, costs for alternative lodging and the costs of transfer and protection of the assets not affected by the catastrophic event.


The focus on the individual has translated into an offer divided into four lifestyles of the customer segments: metropolitan, digital, dynamic, provident.  For every style there are dedicated and independent offers that can be integrated, that respond to specific and often new needs in the insurance application.

There are also many new items in Health coverage, with indemnity guarantees for accidents or surgeries due to accident, illness or childbirth which may occur or become necessary during the various stages of life. In addition to this, Active Casa&Persona anticipates a specific section devoted to income protection, thanks to which the policyholder can cover rent, utilities and condominium costs in case of problems. Furthermore, the reimbursement of the costs for the elimination of the architectural barriers of the house and an indemnity to cover mortgage, financing or loans payments is provided.

Lastly, for the digital customers, the cyber risk solution of Active Casa&Persona can be activated, to provide protection from computer risks. The solution includes civil liability and legal protection and certain services, such as vulnerability analysis and digital identity protection, can be monitored directly by the customer through a special web platform. A specific coverage provides compensation in case of on-line theft of personal funds, such as the unauthorised use of payment cards and unauthorised access to the on-line bank account. Lastly, an additional protection is provided against the risks of cyber bullying and cyber mobbing, also by blocking the data used, the telephone consulting services and the reimbursement of psychological support treatments.


With Active Casa&Persona a completely new section has been introduced, devoted entirely to our four-legged friends with all the coverage necessary for the complete protection of the needs of cats and dogs, including the reimbursement of veterinary costs for surgeries and specialised visits, civil liability for damages to third parties and numerous support services (recovery of a lost animal, temporary custody, veterinarian support, pet sitter, an Organisation Structure always available) and legal protection.


With the objective of making the policy conditions simpler and clearer, not just to fulfil what is already defined by the Simple and Clear Agreements legislation, but in particular to improve the experience of the customers relative to the product and therefore the Company. Experience that necessarily goes from a better understanding of the contents obtained also to the new layout. Alongside the clean and minimal look&feel which uses colour to guide the eye of the reader to the points of particular interest, 3 introductory sections have been created: “Everything at your fingertips” contains the information for downloading the Company APP and access to the home insurance; the section “Always at your side” allows the customer to find the Cattolica numbers useful for requesting assistance in case of emergency or to get information on their policy; lastly, the section “Introductory Story” helps to understand the importance of the insurance coverage dedicated to home and person.

To learn more, visit the official page.