Closing of the agreement between Cattolica and Inter Mututelles Assistance on assistance services in Italy

Closing of the agreement between Cattolica and Inter Mututelles Assistance on assistance services in Italy
25 March 2019 - Time: 17:41

The open-market nature of IMA Italia Assistance S.p.A. was confirmed 

Verona, 25 March 2019. Following the press release of 26 September 2018 and after obtaining the necessary authorisations from IVASS and from the European Commission with respect to antitrust matters, Cattolica and Inter Mutuelles Assistance inform of the closing of the transaction that envisages Cattolica’s entrance into the capital of IMA Italia Assistance S.p.A. through the subscription of a capital increase for an overall amount of €8.58m, that will bring Cattolica to a shareholding of 35% in the capital of IMA Italia Assistance S.p.A. Through this partnership, Cattolica and the IMA Group are combining their industrial expertise, giving impetus to the growth of IMA Italia Assistance.

Alberto Minali, CEO of the Cattolica Assicurazioni Group, stated: “I am delighted to announce Cattolica’s entrance in the capital of IMA Italia Assistance and the birth of Italy’s 4th operator of assistance services1 . IMA Italia’s competitive positioning is excellent within the Italian market and the company is distinguished by a strong attention to the quality of service which makes it one of the market reference players for insurance companies, automotive manufacturers and companies in the utility sector. Together with IMA Group, we have set important growth objectives for Italy where we aim to strengthen our market position for the sake of our actual and future partners. Thanks to this strategic partnership we are also reaffirming our intention to enrich and innovate the eco-system of our services in favor of our customers, aiming at the expansion of our range of insurance products through the integration of highly valuable services in a context of prevention and protection of our customers, as envisaged in our Business Plan”

Claude Sarcia, CEO of the Inter Mutuelles Assistance Group, Chairman and CEO of IMA Italia Assistance, stated: “We have exuberantly welcome the news about the consent granted by the Italian and European authorities to the entrance of Cattolica in the capital of IMA Italia Assistance. Our Italian branch is a dynamic and innovative company and the entrance of Cattolica in its capital will bring new energy and new ideas.
Thanks to the strategic vision that we share with Cattolica, IMA Italia Assistance will proceed in its search for excellence, by maintaining an independent identity on the Italian market and with a strategic focus placed on the human factor and on innovation”.

Starting from 1 April 2019, IMA Italia Assistance S.p.A. will be the new sole provider of assistance services on the Cattolica Assicurazioni Group’s networks. As from that same date the relationships with all previous providers will cease and in order to offer an immediate and efficient customer-response in situations of need, the toll-free number 800572572 will be available as the only reference number for Cattolica Assicurazioni, in case of emergency and to receive assistance2


1 ANIA data processed internally. 
2 For Tua Assicurazioni, Bcc Assicurazioni and Abc Assicurazioni emergency numbers please refer to websites of the different companies.