Fertonani Award: Cattolica first insurance firm to receive Digital HR Award

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  • Fertonani Award: Cattolica first insurance firm to receive Digital HR Award
Fertonani Award: Cattolica first insurance firm to receive Digital HR Award
26 March 2019 - Time: 10:22

The Company won the Special Award for the “Digital Employer Branding” category thanks to a multi-channel strategy comprising the new website, the NOI internal communication platform and the READY TO GO service

Verona, 26 March 2019. Cattolica Assicurazioni has won the Special Award for the “Digital Employer Branding” category of the HR Digital Mindset Award – Marco Fertonani announced by the Proper Transearch Group, awarded to Italian companies who have stood out for their use of new technology in managing and developing Human Resources. It is the first time the award has gone to an insurance firm. Convincing the jury of its decision was the Company’s change in pace, which has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of processes thanks to digital innovation.

Fully aware that involving human capital is the fundamental driver of the 2018-2020 Business Plan, Cattolica initiated a widespread Employer Branding Strategy to internally and externally communicate the company’s objectives and values and maintain high customer engagement.

In 2018, the Company revamped the website for simpler and more transparent communication. It proved to be the “Best Climber” site in Italy and Europe according to Webranking 2018 by Lundquist. The new “NOI” Intranet portal was then implemented. The modern multimedia platform can also be accessed from smartphones. Part of a wider project started with Great Place to Work in 2017, READYTOGO is the digital platform that allows employees to collaborate via social networks to identify challenges to be met and propose ideas.

Alongside the “Digital Employer Branding” activities, the new digital context built by Cattolica’s HR department includes a structured series of new initiatives, including: DIGITAL ATTITUDE, a project to assess digital competence; smart working two days per week; WITH We Improve Together, the new bottom-up performance assessment system; the TRAINING ACADEMY with a training programme based on digital training methods including e-learning, webinars and virtual classes; JOB MARKET, a transparent personnel selection system, already used by one in two employees, which speeds us internal mobility processes and last but not least, the new Cattolica App, brought to fruition thanks to help from the Group’s collaborators.

No less significant are the changes related to organisation: since mid-2017, 19 reorganisations have been implemented involving 350 resources at all company levels, intended to review and re-engineer 96% of processes. Furthermore, the Insurance Analytics and Business Architecture area was created – the only one in Europe – a team that combines the real-time analysis of the data generated by customers and the creation of new related products.

“The Digital Employer Branding award is both an honour and a pleasure: it is tangible proof of the long-term effort to reorganise Cattolica from a digital perspective, but above all, it is the result of the strength of the company’s managerial team and HR team”, said Samuele Marconcini, Head of Organisation and Resources for Cattolica Assicurazioni. “This wide-spanning project to manage and develop our human capital is joined, transversally, by the strategic actions of the 2018-2020 Business Plan with which the Company has set itself the ambitious objective of the company’s cultural transformation, fully aware that the involvement of every resource is the key element for the Plan’s success. The transformation has seen a vast programme of highly innovative initiatives intended to make each employee the protagonist of the exciting phase of evolution sweeping through Cattolica.”