«Ready for life»: the second phase of the Cattolica communication campaign begins

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  • «Ready for life»: the second phase of the Cattolica communication campaign begins
«Ready for life»: the second phase of the Cattolica communication campaign begins
06 February 2019

The second phase has begun of the communication campaign that Cattolica Assicurazioni launched in November, coinciding with the start of the Cattolica Test Matches, the sporting event with which the company inaugurated their sponsorship of the Italian Rugby Federation. From 10 February, Cattolica will be on the air on all major national media with a concept created in collaboration with the creative agency Utopia and a media plan managed by Vizeum which includes TV, radio, the printed press, billboards and the web, reaching, in addition to Verona, some of the major Italian cities: Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence and Bologna.

The Cattolica value system is once again at the centre of the creative idea of this second phase of the campaign. If the partnership with FIR was highlighted in November, using rugby as a metaphor for life to bring out the consonance of ideals that connect the insurance company to this sport, the second stage has a corporate feel, chosen with the intent of further reinforcing Cattolica’s identity and positioning as a company that is close to people at any time of their lives. The campaign is structured through four creative activities set in as many life experiences: from the carefree and unbridled play of children to an evening with friends spent under the stars, from the sense of freedom unleashed by a motorcycle ride to the breathtaking beauty of a faraway landscape discovered during a holiday.

Cattolica has a distinctive identity to be promoted today, at a time of profound evolution – stated Emanuela Vecchiet, Director of communication and institutional relations for Cattolica Assicurazioni – The new 2018/2019 communication campaign was designed with the intent of consolidating Cattolica’s original territorial vocation, renewing its image and positioning it on the market as a national, competitive and innovative group. After having developed the concept in a sports key for the launch of the Cattolica Test Matches, for this second phase, we have laid out Cattolica’s values with a more corporate message. The ‘Ready for life’ payoff recounts the significance of the campaign and the angel, our logo, expresses what we are: a company that is close to, that protects and looks after people, placing them in the condition to be able to best live their lives.”