Rugby: monday in Verona Fir and Cattolica celebrate Italdonne

Rugby: monday in Verona Fir and Cattolica celebrate Italdonne
16 May 2019 - Time: 12:36

Meeting open to the public at the main sponsor’s Auditorium

Verona, 16 May 2019. An afternoon open to all fans, to meet the protagonists of one of the most important results ever achieved by a National FIR Team: On Monday, May 20 from 5pm, the "Giulio Bisoffi" Auditorium in Verona, within the headquarters of Cattolica Assicurazioni, opens its doors to the entire rugby movement for a meeting with Manuela Furlan and her fellow players from the Italian National Women's Team.

There will be a meet and greet dedicated to the Azzurre, the Italian women’s team, to whom both the President of the FIR, Alfredo Gavazzi, and the CEO of Cattolica Assicurazioni, Alberto Minali, will give their institutional greetings. However, above all else, the event will be an opportunity for a meeting between the grassroots movement and the Italian Women's National Team, protagonist of a Six Nations in which they came second, the best position ever achieved by an Italian team in the Tournament, and now the sixth strongest force in international rugby. The program of the evening, for the Italian team, includes a meeting with Cattolica employees and the public—while seats last—at the Auditorium Bisoffi. This will be followed by a talk show that, after the institutional greetings from the top management of FIR and Cattolica, will narrate through the words of the protagonists the path of the Italian Women's National Team in the Women's Six Nations 2019. During the evening, a private dinner in the centre of Verona will see the FIR President, Gavazzi, and Cattolica CEO, Minali, present the women’s team, coach Andrea Di Giandomenico and the staff with a special award for a season that has rightfully entered into the history of Italian rugby.

"The Italian National Women's Team achieving second place in the Six Nations 2019 was a source of great pride for the entire Italian rugby movement. We are proud of what our team has achieved and, together with our main sponsor Cattolica Assicurazioni, we wanted to celebrate this milestone with a day dedicated to the team and the many fans who have followed our team’s path closely, with enthusiasm and passion" said the President of FIR, Alfredo Gavazzi.

"The historic result achieved by team captain Manuela Furlan and her team-mates in the last Six Nations shows that success is the result of dedication and a spirit of sacrifice, of knowing how to 'work as a team' with a common goal in mind; principles that are valid in sport as well as in daily life. As the main sponsor of the Federation, we are proud to reward the Italian team and we are convinced that the path taken together will result in many more successes" declared Alberto Minali, CEO of Cattolica Assicurazioni.