Demerger of Cattolica Previdenza

Demerger of Cattolica Previdenza
04 February 2015

Verona, 4 February 2015

The Board of Directors of Cattolica Assicurazioni and the General Meetings of Cattolica Previdenza and CP Servizi Consulenziali, have resolved today upon the complete demerger of Cattolica Previdenza into Cattolica Assicurazioni, with regard to the insurance business, and into CP Servizi Consulenziali, with regard to the existing contracts with the staff and the employees of the sales network.

The demerger of Cattolica Previdenza, already announced in June 2014, fits into the new Group’s organisational framework, outlined by the 2014-2017 Business Plan, and it aims at giving strong impulse to the Life, Welfare and Pension sector, by allowing the Group to give value to pension products that are being offered on the market by relying on all distribution channels.

The Board of Directors’ resolution, taken after obtaining the authorization of the competent Supervisory Authorities, will be made available to the public under the terms and conditions set by the existing laws and regulations. The demerger may be finalised only after the positive lapse of the terms required by law.