TUA Assicurazioni: capital increase of € 30mln

TUA Assicurazioni: capital increase of € 30mln
18 November 2019 - Time: 12:04

The sole shareholder Cattolica Assicurazioni subscribed the capital increase in support of the Company’s development path

Verona, 18 November 2019. Cattolica Assicurazioni subscribed the nominal capital increase of TUA Assicurazioni, a wholly-owned subsidiary Company, for an amount equal to €30mln. The capital, provided by the shareholder on the capital account, is key to the development of TUA Assicurazioni and at the same time contributes to the consolidation of the Company’s financial strength.

The shareholder wishes to reaffirm its support for TUA Assicurazioni and for its growth process, which includes numerous initiatives aimed at supporting the distribution network and promoting its expansion throughout the country.

“The contribution of new capital by the Parent Company puts us in the position to pursue the objectives we have set ourselves with even greater force”, declared the Chief Executive Officer of TUA Assicurazioni, Nazareno Cerni. “We are a dynamic and innovative Company that has always operated by placing the best interests of agents and clients at the heart of its strategy. We intend to strengthen this vocation through a renewed offer of innovative products, revising agency processes with a view to simplifying and constantly improving the relationship between intermediary and Company, and expanding business opportunities, even through development of the new target Affinity & Partnership”.