An Integrated Vision

Cattolica’s sustainability path began in 2017 with the creation of the CSR Unit, but draws its strength from a history of social sensitivity and attention to the country that dates back to the late 19th century.

This idea has been implemented in recent years according to a governance structure and operating methods that have aimed to harmonise a modern idea of sustainability, the most widespread best practices in the field of corporate responsibility and the company’s organisational and cultural peculiarities.

The Group’s business formula merges the strategic guidelines that inspire its typical activity into a coherent whole, including:

  • the principle of customer centrality
  • the leverage of efficiency in distribution 
  • the emphasis on innovation, digitalisation and multichannel system

and dimensions typically relating to sustainability, such as

  • the basis of social responsibility
  • the importance given to environmental sustainability
  • respect for and development of resources

to outline a long-term orientation according to an entrepreneurial formula that nurtures and supports the three pillars of the economic dimension

  • financial and equity solidity
  • profitability
  • competitive excellence 

with the ultimate aim of generating lasting value for stakeholders and ensuring the stability and cost-effectiveness necessary for balanced long-term growth, including for the benefit of the controlling shareholder. In this vision, the business model progressively incorporates ESG factors and makes them a primary dimension of the corporate culture. The original concept of CSR as “corporate social responsibility” has been expanded and is articulated as “corporate responsibility and sustainability” to embrace the more complex phenomenology according to which a modern idea of sustainability is summarised and implemented.

The bottom line 2021

The following is a summary update on activities already included in the 2020 NFS and significant projects implemented in 2021:

Definition of a Sustainability Plan that favours the setting-up of clear, measurable short, medium and long-term qualitative and quantitative objectives The recent events related to the transformation into a joint-stock company and the change in the corporate/equity structure, together with the persistent instability resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, have in fact prevented the drafting of the Sustainability Plan. With Cattolica’s entry into the Generali Group, all CSR initiatives will soon be incorporated into the broader sustainability strategy of the parent company and Cattolica is expected to adopt the Generali Group Sustainability Policy in 2022. 
Update of the EE- (Adequate) rating assigned to the Group in 2021 by Standard Ethics In early 2022, Standard Ethics confirmed the SER (Standard Ethics Rating) already assigned to Cattolica in 2021: EE- (Adequate) and Long Term Expected SER EE+ (Very Strong). 
Update of the carbon neutrality path of TUA Assicurazioni, adhering to internationally recognised standards TUA Assicurazioni has confirmed its status as a certified carbon neutral company for 2021.
Assignment of an internationally relevant score for 2021 on the Company’s commitment to climate issues

The organisation CDP awarded Cattolica the score B- in the Climate Change section of the CDP 2021 Questionnaire

Development of new projects of Tenute di Cattolica Assicurazioni in terms of sustainable agricultural productivity and social and environmental innovation

The activities carried out or in progress include:

  • Agri-energy initiatives with major partners in the sector to develop sustainable energy production systems and the provision of organic fertiliser to replace the chemical component in soils;
  •  Modernisation of equipment with the purchase of state-of-the-art machinery to enable precision farming and constant monitoring of operations through sensors and the use of prescription maps;
  • Collaboration with an important nature society working in the area to increase and improve the ecosystem services the company provides;
  • Supply chain with local mill (5km from Ca’ Tron) to provide a zero km product; SQNPI-certified sustainability in vineyards with the adoption of systems with less environmental impact, such as the use of recovery sprayers or sexual confusion methods for the control of moths and grapevine moths;
  • Major investments in water management (flooding and hose irrigation) for more efficient and controlled water use
Strengthening stakeholder engagement activities with the inclusion of new stakeholder categories

During 2021, a sample of subjects belonging to the category “Religious organisations and Third sector” was involved and the company’s point of view was updated through a survey addressed to the Company’s top management and management. 

Drafting and approval of an Anti-Corruption Policy The operational phase of the project actually ended in 2021 with the drafting of a Policy text. After a hiatus of a few months due to corporate events and the parent company’s assessment of the initiative, it will be able to continue. It is estimated that the AntiCorruption Policy could be approved in 2022.


As early as the second half of 2021, all Cattolica structures have been working in full harmony with their Generali Italia counterparts within the integration sites. As for the other issues examined, the projects and initiatives that Cattolica has implemented in the field of sustainability and ESG in recent years have been analysed and shared to assess their degree of consistency with Generali’s strategies and guidelines. 

Cattolica has dedicated all its professionalism and experience to the project, gained over four years of great commitment along the lines of sustainability, to make a tangible contribution to the development of further activities and projects with a positive impact on social, environmental and governance variables and to promote a culture of sustainability that is increasingly solid and capable of bringing benefits to all stakeholders.