Cattolica is a pioneering company bancassurance field. Since the early ‘90s, it has built up important partnership agreements in the life and non-life branches with leading banking institutions, reaching an important position in terms of number of branches across the country.

The mission that inspires all bancassurance companies is effectively supporting distribution partners, satisfying the personal safety needs using high-quality products for the protection of health, family, assets and savings, and offering ongoing support to the sales network and adequate consultancy and assistance services to the client.

With the aim of improving the availability and use of bancassurance services, Cattolica launched Click2Go recently, a multichannel platform that allows the user to access it via PC, tablet and smartphone and view the company offers at any time in the policy lifecycle, from getting a quote till the purchase of the policy, all the way up to handling claims and payouts.

Cattolica’s main banking partners are:

  • Iccrea (3993 sportelli branches*)
  • Banco BPM (1484 branches* of which 55 from Banca Aletti)

*Data up-to-date as of 30 June 2020



Iccrea Banca is the Parent Company of the Iccrea Cooperative Banking Group, consisting of 136 Cooperative Credit Banks and of other banking, financial and instrumental companies, whose entire goal is to develop together as a group and offer services and products of the highest quality to the members and customers of the Banks. The partnership with Cattolica led to the establishment of the companies . BCC Vita and BCC Assicurazioni.

Banco BPM

In 2017, Cattolica and Banco BPM signed an agreement to establish a 15-year strategic partnership in life and non-life bancassurance. Following the closing of the transaction, which was completed on 29 March 2018, four companies were established: Vera Vita, with its subsidiary Vera Financial, and Vera Assicurazioni, with its subsidiary Vera Protezione.


The credit institutions with which Cattolica currently has minor commercial partnerships include Banca di Credito Popolare, Banca di Bologna, Banca Popolare Pugliese and Banca Galileo.


Cattolica’s offers at the Bank



Products distributed by Cattolica’s partner banks

Cattolica in banca

Products distributed by BANCO BPM

 Vera Assicurazioni e Vera Protezione
 Vera Vita
 Vera Financial

Product distrubuted by Banche di Credito Cooperativo

 Bcc Vita
 Bcc Assicurazioni