Interactive reports

Interactive Financial Statements: Why?

Cattolica Assicurazioni provides its stakeholders its Financial Statements in an interactive format.

This tool allows users to consult the content in a personalised, convenient and simple way.

Interactive Financial Statements: What?

The Financial Statement figures are shown in images, tables and text used to simplify and make all data more obvious and easier to use. It can compare the data from a specific year with the previous five years of business.

In addition to financial data, the information included offers a summary of all figures relating to the significant events characterising Cattolica’s year.

Interactive Financial Statements: How?

For faster access to data, starting from 2018, the Interactive Financial Statements will offer functions that allow a personalised view of the content. Specifically, users will be able to:

  • Consult the data reported in the form of graphics or tables;
  • Choose a specific period of reference;
  • Filter their search using a set of indicators to apply to the data and exclude indicators of lesser interest;
  • Download a PDF of the table or graphic that has been personalised with their selection;
  • Share the published content on social media.