Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct defines principles and rules of conduct that the employees and collaborators must follow as they work. It comprises a set of general principles and specific rules that can be considered as reference points for staff in carrying out their daily activities.

This is of fundamental importance within the purpose of giving practical realisation to the system of values that defines the Company.

Compliance with the general principles and rules contained in the Code of Conduct must be considered an integral part of the contractual obligations, not just for employees, but also for all collaborators (suppliers of goods or services, contractors, consultants).

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Corruption-Related Risks 

Relative to the potential risks of corruption, the principal risk factors have been identified in the assessment activities carried out pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001. The analysis allowed identifying suitable control and prevention mechanisms, as defined by the Organisation Model.

With the aim of strengthening the controls of such an important and delicate issue, the drafting of a Group Anti-Corruption Policy was substantially completed and its approval, initially scheduled by 2021, was postponed to 2022, subject to the evaluation of the parent company and also in consideration of the corporate evolution.