Corporate Bodies

Cattolica Assicurazioni S.p.A. adopts a one-tier governance system, approved by the Annual General Meeting of 28 April 2018 and authorised by the Italian Supervisory Authority for Private Insurance. This governance system went into effect starting from the Annual General Meeting of 13 April 2019.

The Board of Directors selected by the Annual General Meeting of 14 May 2021 for the three-year period 2021-2023 includes 15 directors, 3 of which are also members of the Management Control Committee.

The role and function of the Cattolica Assicurazioni corporate bodies for 2021 are described in detail in the Corporate governance and ownership structure report.

The composition of the current Board of Directors is provided below.


Board of Directors

The Board of the Company includes 15 Directors that are selected amongst the Members by the Members' Meeting from specific lists. The Board is vested with extensive powers of ordinary and extraordinary management of the Company, within the limits set by the Law and the By-laws. The administrative body is specifically tasked with the approval of the company’s strategic, industrial and financial plans, the more significant economic and financial operations, the proposal for the allocation of profits, selection of the general directors and the internal board committees and the definition of the related powers and functions. 

The administrative body was selected on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting which will approve the Financial Statements as at 31 December 2020.



Name Appointments and Compensation Committee Internal Control and Risk Committee Related-Party Committee Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee
Davide Croff         
Samuele Marconcini        
Massimiliano Fort X      
Angelo Miglietta*   X   X
Cristiana Procopio X      
Daniela Saitta   X   X
Laura Cianbellotti*     X  
Stefano Gentili        
Michele Rutigliano        
Silvia Arlanch        
Roberto Lancellotti* X X    
Elena Vasco    X X  
Cristina Rustignoli*        X
Carlo Maria Pinardi         
Francesco Bardelli         


* Chairman of the Committee
Appointments and Compensation Committee: Roberto Lancellotti,
Internal Control and Risk Committee: Angelo Miglietta,
Related-Party Committee: Laura Ciambellotti,
Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee: Cristina Rustignoli.

Name office Independence TUF Independence Code of Corporate Governance
Davide Croff Chairman Yes Yes
Stefano Gentili Vice Chairman No No
Cristina Rustignoli First Vice Chairman No No
Samuele Marconcini CEO No No
Cristiana Procopio Director Yes Yes
Daniela Saitta Director Yes Yes
Paolo Andrea Rossi Director Yes Yes
Laura Ciambellotti Director Yes Yes
Michele Rutigliano Director Yes Yes
Roberto Lancellotti Director Yes Yes
Silvia Arlanch Director Yes Yes
Elena Vasco Director Yes Yes
Carlo Maria Pinardi Director Yes Yes
Francesco Bardelli Director No No
Massimiliano Fort Director No No
Angelo Miglietta Director Si Si
Participation in meetings

The table shows the percentages of attendance at meetings of the Board of Directors by the Directors referring to the year 2021. For more information, see the Report on Corporate Governance and owership structure.

Name office % attendance1
Davide Croff Chairman 100%
Camillo Candia Deputy Vice Chairman 100%
Luigi Migliavacca Vice Chairman 100%
Laura Ciambellotti Director 100%
Cristiana Procopio Director 100%
Paolo Andrea Rossi Director 100%
Daniela Saitta Director 95.5%
Giulia Staderini Director 100%
Silvia Arlanch Director 100%
Michele Rutigliano Director 100%
Laura Santori Director 81%
Carlo Ferraresi CEO 100%
Stefano Gentili Director 100%
Roberto Lancellotti Director 100%
Elena Vasco Director 100%

1out of a total of 22 meetings.

Directors who left office during the year and until the date of approval of the report

Name office % attendance1
Paolo Bedoni  Chairman 100%
Aldo Poli Deputy Vice Chairman 100%
Barbara Blasevich Vice Chairman 100%
Alessandro Lai Secretary 100%
Piergiuseppe Caldana Director 100%
Bettina Campedelli Director 100%
Rosella Giacometti Director 93.7%
Anna Strazzera Director 93.7%
Giovanni Glisenti Director 100%
Federica Bonato Director 100%
Cesare Brena Director 100%
Eugenio Vanda Director 100%
Carlo Ferraresi CEO 100%
Stefano Gentili Director 100%
Roberto Lancellotti Director 100%
Elena Vasco Director 93.7%
Luigi Castelletti Director 100%2

1out of a total of 16 meetings.
2out of a total of 1 meeting.