Fondazione Cattolica Assicurazioni

Strengthened by a corporate identity rooted in the territory, Cattolica holds the well-being of the community of which it is part in the highest regard. Through direct intervention or through the Foundation, the Group has historically used its resources and knowledge of social complexity to promote intervention methods and projects capable of generating a concrete and lasting impact.

In a year still characterised by the heavy effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Fondazione Cattolica has added new activities to the typical donations of foundations in favour of those Third Sector organisations supported in recent years, which make up the informal “GenerAttivi” network. It also initiated communication activities, offered training courses and initiated a shared fundraising campaign.

A detailed account of the inspiring principles, intervention methods and initiatives supported in 2021 is published in the Fondazione Cattolica Annual Mission Report

n 2021, Fondazione Cattolica received a contribution of € 1,500,000 from the Founder to carry out its mandate. It was thus able to accept 179 requests for a total of € 830,915. More than 45% of the resources allocated were earmarked for solidarity. Half of the funds disbursed in this sector were dedicated to interventions related to the Covid-19 emergency.

The projects supported by the Foundation in 2021 confirmed the choice, made by the Board of Directors as early as 2011, to support specific activities and not the various structures, focusing on people. The guidelines adopted have made it possible to optimise resources, giving priority to solutions with the greatest social impact. 

This is reflected in the Foundation’s direct involvement in many of the initiatives deliberated, an objective achieved in particular thanks to social enterprise interventions. With a total disbursement of € 381,500, these interventions represent almost 46% of the Foundation’s disbursements.

Fondazione Cattolica is attentive to the needs of young people and is committed to enhancing their creativity. To this end, it has supported and launched projects presented by them or on their behalf, which feed the section called “Progetto di Vita”, this year financed with a total disbursement of € 176,825.





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