The Estates of Cattolica Assicurazioni - About us

Located in Ca’ Tron, just a few kilometres from Venice airport, the Estates are one of Cattolica’s most important and distinctive assets. They form one of the largest single-body agricultural estates in Europe and still represent an ideal habitat for the protection of flora and fauna biodiversity.

Purchased in 2012 by Fondazione Cassamarca and expanded due to the purchase of adjacent lots, the Estates today cover around 2,000 hectares managed directly by the owner. Cattolica Agricola and Cattolica Beni Immobili, formed in the context of the purchase of the Estates, respectively carry out agricultural activities and manage and maintain properties not used for agricultural activity. Since the purchase, Cattolica Agricola has carried out and continues to implement measures to improve the land and add value to the area, with the aim of increasing crop quality and overall environmental sustainability.

The rolling plan to 2023 presented by Chief Executive Officer Carlo Ferraresi named sustainability as one of the Company’s three areas of development, providing for specific initiatives regarding the Estates. The company’s strategic plan includes:

  • The sustainable development of agricultural activities through precision farming with the aim of improving crop quality and soil productivity
  • The creation of a European centre for treatment, research, training and study relating to neuroscience and neuro-rehabilitation in collaboration with international players
  • Construction of a new generation plant for the production of green energy sources, in partnership with major international players.  

In 2019, Cattolica achieved its goal of approving an environmental policy specifically dedicated to the Estates. Criteria, guidelines and good management practices had been identified, following an extensive analysis of the main environmental risks – generated and undergone – relating to the activities of the Estates. Areas for improvement in terms of reducing environmental impacts had also been identified. This policy represents a milestone that puts the Company at the forefront of the sustainable management of an agricultural asset and prepared the ground for the drafting of the Group's broader environmental policy, approved at the end of 2019.

The Estates host H-Farm and the Campus inaugurated on 7 September 2020, a cutting-edge centre, including in terms of technology and sustainability, that generates 85% of its own energy requirement using photovoltaic accumulation and exchange systems in an energy network.