In recent years, Cattolica has sensed the need to make use of two Observatories – one dedicated to agri-food and the other for religious and non-profit organisations – in the belief that these areas are so unique and relevant for the Company that they deserve systematic study and dedicated monitoring.

Cattolica's intention for the Observatories is to use them as suitable instruments for providing factual, objective, reliable and comparable information on the events and phenomena relating to these sectors.

Cattolica has decided to invest energy and resources into its Observatories, believing them to be able to bring the Company many advantages by fulfilling some strategic purposes, including:

  • Improving and strengthening the level of knowledge of sectors of reference through critical, independent and dedicated research that is truly usable.
  • Making a data series and information considered essential or relevant for updating and refining knowledge available to company departments and various types of users. This will also support commercial, product and marketing strategies and any activity generally defined as “policy-making”, in addition to developing knowledge and cultural progress in the broader sense.
  • Establishing a reference point for internal and external users as instruments that can provide added value and lead informed choices and decisions.



AGR - Agri-food Observatory 

The Agri-food Observatory – AGR – was established by Cattolica in 2015 with the intention of making a multimedia platform – dedicated to the production and dissemination of knowledge – available to the agricultural world.

The tool is flexible in its structure and language, aiming to link information and research with agri-food sector professionals and enthusiasts.

It is run by a group of scholars and experts in the sector and an internal editorial staff, and forms a centre of expertise that, in addition to producing research before making it available on a dedicated website, selects news and studies daily and comments on them.

It also operates in collaboration with Coldiretti; it provides information about the initiatives organised by the association and benefits from the experience of its team of experts.

It is aimed primarily at farmers but also at anyone interested in agri-food issues.

In addition to the news, studies and research and explanatory sections, the website is home to a video section and a series of tools that users can customise and use directly to discover, in real time, data and news of interest such as price trends, the development of meteorological factors and the opportunities offered by subsidised finance for the agricultural sector.

The Observatory promotes interaction between the Company and its current and potential customers from a relational and marketing standpoint. It transmits agri-food knowledge and culture and updates users on sector trends and legislative innovations on the subject.

Visit the Agri-food Observatory website




Religious and Non Profit Observatory

The Religious and Non Prodfit Observatory is the Cattolica Assicurazioni portal that studies the dynamics within the Church and Non Profit and Third Sector, with particular attention to legal and administrative aspects. Enabled users can also access the private section of the site.

It was founded in 2015 on the initiative of the Company's Religious and Non-Profit Organisations Business Unit as a permanent training laboratory for Cattolica's internal functions and for the Agencies in the commercial network, providing up-to-date tools to strengthen the Company's influence in socially relevant and strategic situations from a business standpoint.

It is currently the only Observatory of its kind in the Italian insurance sphere. It intercepts the demands and requirements of these complex and unique areas and translates them into product innovations through the formulation of tailor-made insurance solutions.

The relationship approach with the ecclesiastical and non-profit world – led in the field by the Business Unit – finds a natural and complementary support and consulting structure in the dedicated Observatory.

Also thanks to work carried out by the Business Unit experts and competent external contributors then transmitted through the Observatory’s services, new Diocese, Parish and Cooperative organisations have chosen the Cattolica’s insurance protection, contributing to enrich and expand the customer portfolio in sectors and market segments where the Company has always held undisputed leadership.

The same ecclesiastical world has shown increasing interest in the activity of the Observatory and has increasingly asked to become a user.

To request the log-in credentials for the private section of the Religious and Non Profit Observatory website, please send an email to: info_osservatorioernp@cattolicaassicurazioni.it

Visit the Religious and Non Profit Observatory website