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The Incentive System

The incentive system promoted by the Company is guided by the following principles:

  • Strategic importance: guide the performance of strategic roles, and of everyone who holds the operational controls for achieving the objectives of the three-year plan, in line with common market practices and investor requests;
  • Compliance: alignment with the demands of the Regulator and the Corporate Governance Code;
  • Meritocracy: reward performance, provided employees have reached heir pre-established goals;
  • Human capital development: retain talent within the company and attract new talent from the market. 


In addition, the Company ensures that all employees have:

  • uniform economic conditions in the form of equivalent roles and responsibilities and protection of gender and background differences at all levels;
  • a corporate salary that matches or exceeds the level of the reference market;
  • gradual implementation of the rewards system to guide results and behaviour in the long term.


Take a look at the initiatives which, alongside the initiatives provided for by the national and supplemental contract, support and benefit the corporate climate:

  • Welfare and Solidarity Project, a personalised training programme which can be used via the app, through which we incentivise all our employees to embrace a healthy lifestyle whilst collecting resources for solidarity projects.
  • Flexible benefits, each employee can compose their own benefits package by allocating the budget provided to a variety of services available. 


Other: fresh fruit and water dispensers available to all employees, company bike service, agreements and discount on various services, including banking services.