Total Tax Contribution

Cattolica has been publishing data regarding its total tax contribution since 2017. Total Tax Contribution is a disclosure that incorporates a trend of international legislation, encouraging companies and economic groups to increase transparency in tax matters.

It provides full disclosure by the Cattolica Group to the tax jurisdictions in which it operates, and presents in detail the types of income withdrawn that generate the payment of a tax.

Communicating the data relating to taxes and contributions paid1 in Italy to stakeholders in a simple and transparent manner is a sign of attention to a material topic and a proof of commitment in terms of social responsibility.

The following tables show the Total Tax Contribution of Cattolica Assicurazioni and its subsidiaries for the year 2021. 



1 The Total Tax Contribution considers all the taxes paid during 2020 according to the “cash” principle, instead of on an accrual basis, as used in the model for the determination of the economic value generated and distributed.