Our values

The values of a company count. The theory states this, but the practice shows it beyond any doubt. Every successful business has distilled and codified over time a set of corporate principles and values, capable of developing and preserving the internal cohesion and focus the thinking and behaviours of the people, in order to facilitate the simultaneous achievement of the company’s goals as well as the individual ones.

To support the new vision connected to the deployment of the Business Plan model, a new organisational culture and promote processes of renewal and relaunching, a selection path of values was defined, that would be expression of comparison and review, involving the employees, the management and the Board of Directors. It has been a broad, widespread work which, thanks to the involvement of the internal stakeholders, has produced a genuine and shared result.

The outcome of that commitment led to the identification of the five values of Cattolica, a true “identity card” of the company: five points of reference, unique and distinctive, to be achieved in everyday life.


It is the most “ethical” and personal value of the five, the one that involves a moral internal pressure, yet with immediately practical implications. It means maintaining a strong coherence between daily life and the values stated, exercising honesty towards oneself as precondition of the correctness in relations with others.


It is a value that expresses the strength and unity of intention, the strong sense of belonging to a successful team and the ability to develop effective ways of cooperation among the individuals, in view of achieving a common goal. It also expresses the desire to share experiences of mutual enrichment, in a dialectic which overcomes organisational and functional boundaries.

Courage to do and to learn

It expresses the intellectual and professional curiosity, directed at the constant search for innovation and supported by the inclination to explore new ideas and solutions, without being afraid to make mistakes or expose oneself. It is a kind of courage which implies a sense of responsibility and “accountability” towards the solution proposed, which dares to take new paths and has the energy and faith to transform even the mistake in a moment of learning.


Affirms the worth and its recognition as criterion and promotes the capacity to grasp it, evaluate it and enhance it: meritocracy sets itself as guarantee of a fair process in rewarding the result, stimulating the commitment and quality of serious effort. Its natural corollary is the respect for the work of the people, at every organisational level.

Focus on the result

It represents the most pragmatic value, which is based on a proactive commitment to always achieve the best results possible, with an aptitude on the quality of the work and the pressure to advance. It promotes the organisation of the work by objectives, the ability to listen to the needs of the customer (internal and external) and the willingness to ensure a highquality service.