Reporting system

Following the approval of Law 179/2017 "Provisions for the protection of authors of reports of crimes or irregularities of which they have become aware in the context of public or private work", Cattolica and its subsidiaries Companies have adopted a management system for reports of illegal conduct carried out.
Such reports may be made by senior management, employees and third parties.

The Companies have identified a suitable channel through which, in order to protect the integrity of the Entity, the above-mentioned parties can present:

  • detailed reports of suspected illegal conduct, relevant pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/01 and based on precise and congruous facts;
  • reports of violations of the Organisational and Management Model and/or the Code of Conduct adopted by the individual company.

Those who intend to report a suspected violation of the Organisation and Management Model of the entity and/or of the Code of Conduct of a Company have at their disposal a dedicated channel that allows them to send reports for the attention of the Supervisory Body, and consisting of an IT platform that can be reached from the Governance section of the individual Cattolica's website; in any case, from the platform it will be possible to link their report to all the Subsidiary Companies.

The Company involved in the report guarantees the absolute confidentiality of the identity of the reporting party and the content of the report; the identity of the reporting party is never revealed without his/her consent, except in the cases provided for by current legislation.

The Company involved in the report also undertakes to guarantee the protection of the reporting party from the application, for reasons connected with the report, of discriminatory or retaliatory measures (sanctions, demotion, dismissal, transfer or other organisational measures that have a negative effect on working conditions).

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