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Working at Cattolica

Working at Cattolica means being part of a group that holds an important position on the Italian insurance scene and which tirelessly commits to developing its employees and helping them to grow professionally.

We support improving the abilities of the individual through a variety of activities and we encourage and reward individual initiative.



Offices and employees


To make the best possible use of people and their skills, Cattolica has implemented a number of initiatives, including:

  • Job Market: We encourage the dynamism of our people in the company using a “virtual marketplace” where all employees can find new opportunities for growth. Everyone is free to apply - according to the knowledge and skills they possess - to fill vacancies at any business unit in the company.
  • WITH: an acronym for We Improve Together, it is the performance appraisal system designed to put each employee in control of their own growth and that of the entire company. Through the use of a multidevice platform, the process enables the managers to effectively identify objectives and employees, in order to share with them the ways in which they can be reached.
    The WITH performance appraisal system fosters improvement thanks to a system of continuous feedback and a direct connection to a system of compensation.
  • Smart working: the Company is experimenting with new ways of working which are more innovative and attentive to maintaining a healthy work/life balance.  The implementation of a new concept of flexible work promotes conciliation between time spent living and time spent working, improving the work/life balance.
  • Assessment: through constant use of assessment methodology, we identify the potential of our employees to put together customised development plans.